Online Bullying Reporting Form – Click HERE

At Bloxwich Academy we pride ourselves on being a telling school, all pupils know that if they have a problem or a concern that they can speak to the pastoral team and it will be investigated into. At Bloxwich Academy we are always looking to eliminate bullying from the academy and we believe that we provide pupils with a variety of avenues to report incidents of bullying. As an academy we run an anti-bullying committee and a prefect system which provide pupils with an opportunity to report incidents to their peers, if they feel uncomfortable speaking to members of staff or a member of staff is not readily available. We are always looking to offer pupils and parents with more ways to report bullying, and as a result alongside the anti-bullying committee we have developed an online reporting form which pupils and parents can access at home to report bullying anonymously to Heads of House. Upon completion of the form, this will then be sent directly to the pastoral team allowing them to investigate the incident(s). Pupils and parents can be safe in the knowledge that the information they have provided is confidential and will only be seen by the pastoral team.