• Bloxwich Academy values the importance of additional curriculum enrichment to consolidate and extend the knowledge and understanding pupils have acquired in classroom based learning. The academy aims to enable student’s highest levels of attainment though homework enrichment; promoting a love of learning and intellectual curiosity. The completion of homework helps students to develop their independence, timekeeping and promotes good work ethics.
  • KS3 Homework Expectations

    Key stage 3 Core: Core subjects and Modern Foreign Languages will issue pupils one 20-30 minute* homework task per week. This will be a mixture of preparatory tasks and extension/consolidation tasks. Non-core: Pupils are assigned a 2-3 hour* home learning assignment every 2-3 weeks. Assignments are signed by parents and submitted to form tutors.
  • KS4 Homework Expectations

    Core: Core subjects will issue pupils two 20-30 minute* homework tasks per week or one 40-60* minute assessment when appropriate (for example, completion of past examination paper). One homework will regularly be of a preparatory nature, e.g. research, reading, preparing notes. One homework will regularly be designed to extend and/or consolidate learning which has occurred in lessons. Non-core: Pupils are assigned a 30 minute* homework every week. *Completion times allocated to homework represent approximations of the minimum time that should be spent by pupils.